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Pre-Owned Cars With Heated Seats For Sale In Atlanta, GA

They say the best things in life are free, just like our pre-owned cars with heated seats — in a sense. While the cars might not be free, all of these luxurious options are built into the price so that you won’t be paying extra for climate packages. This page will tell you about some of our top pre-owned cars with heated seats, as well as technical information that makes ownership even better. Browse all of our pre-owned vehicles for sale to cast the widest net on all luxury options, or hang here and learn more about our custom-filtered offerings.

Pre-Owned Cars With Heated Seats. What’s the Big Deal?

Purchasing cars, trucks, or SUVs with heated seats is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself while behind the wheel. Sure, you’ll be able to make yourself more comfortable on those wintery mornings. But there are a few other key advantages to driving pre-owned cars with heated seats.

    • Got Back Pain? If the answer is “yes,” then you’re in for a treat. Sometimes seat-time can get uncomfortable for those who have a history of back pain. Hit that little heater button and let the aches & pains melt away. Carting around your co-workers? You might want to ask a sales associate to show you our cars with heated back seats, too.


    • Flexible Temperature Regulation – Many people don’t typically think about this, but our pre-owned cars with heated seats allow you to experience nature in a way you wouldn’t be able to without them. How so? Without them, the only way to get warm is to have the heater blowing in your face. If you haven’t driven with the top or windows down on a cool fall morning but kept comfortable with heated seats, then you’ve been missing out! This is an experience you won’t want to miss.


    • Affordable Luxury – Climate packages can add up pretty quickly – most of them cost a few thousand dollars. The nice thing about our pre-owned cars with heated seats is that the first buyer already paid for this option! This means that you get a lot of extra value built into your vehicle.


Curious about what a loaded up new Mercedes-Benz for sale might cost with heated seats? Let’s just say it makes the pricing on these pre-owned examples that much more appealing.

A Spotlight on Top Models With Heated Seats

By the time you’ve gotten to this page, we’ve already done some of the legwork to organize our inventory of pre-owned cars with heated seats for you. But now that you’re here, which of these models is best? And which models might go the extra mile and offer heated and cooled seats? Mercedes-Benz is a luxury brand that will show you some options in that department, too. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s stick to some popular off-brands and a few Mercedes-Benz models with heated seats.

    • Pre-Owned Land Rovers – This popular luxury brand used to have heated seats as a standard option. In recent years, heated seats were made available in the “Climate Comfort Package,” including a sliding glass roof, among other features.


    • Pre-Owned Volvo Cars – Standard on nearly all Volvo Cars models; you would be hard-pressed to find one without heated seats.


    • Mercedes-Benz A-Class – This sport-touring car is a great option. Built for a lot of the twisting roads you’ll find in Atlanta, GA, and beyond, Mercedes-Benz A-Class heated seats were an option for a nominal fee as well as cooled seats. This means that nearly all of our models will have one or both types of seats available.


    • Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class – If you’re looking for comfortable, agile performance in an SUV, this is a great way to go. Since Mercedes-Benz GLA heated seats were also available as an option at minimal cost, you’re likely to find that all of our units have this feature available.


Pre-Owned Car With Heated Seats: FAQs

Not to put you in the hot seat or anything, but we want you to stick around for answers to many common questions that we get at Mercedes-Benz of Atlanta South. Without further ado:

Which Mercedes-Benz models have heated seats?

All of them. If heated (and perhaps cooled) seats are a must for you, please make sure to ask a sales associate to pick properly equipped examples. In some cases, heated seats may have been deleted from certain packages based on special ordering requirements. In other cases, you’ll find them standard on top models.

How do you turn on heated seats on a Mercedes-Benz?

Depending on the year and model trim level, you can find heated seat controls on doors, on the seats themselves, on the center stack of the dash, from the touchscreen, and recently by voice command.

Do heated seats use gas?

No. Heated seats are a low voltage draw on the electrical system. They are connected to the primary power supply by a 5A, 10A, 20A, or 30A fusible link. They operate off of generated power supplied by the alternator of the vehicle. So unlike AC, which requires extra power from the engine, heated seats do not use gas.

Are heated seats worth it?

Always. As we’ve discussed above, pre-owned cars with heated seats offer an added sense of luxury, custom temperature regulation, and greater desirability. Think about it this way: two identical pre-owned vehicles were side by side. Same price. Same miles. Same condition. One had heated seats, and the other didn’t. Which one would you buy?

Pre-Owned Cars With Heated Seats: Parting Thoughts

We hope that you have found this specific inventory page helpful and insightful. We want to add in our two cents on aftermarket heated car seats. Don’t do it! Sure there are dozens of kits available. But you will need an expert upholstery shop to strip your current seats, wire the kits in place, recover your seats, and hope nothing gets damaged in the first place. Then you have to hope their electrician wasn’t having a bad day. You run a greater risk of car fires by improperly installing aftermarket accessories. The same goes for radios, lights, and communications. Don’t do it! Stick with your certified Mercedes-Benz dealer in Atlanta. We’ll offer every vehicle with our stamp of approval, so you can just get out there and enjoy it.

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