Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles in Atlanta, GA

Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles in Atlanta, GA

Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles blend style, power, and superb savings at the pump in one gorgeous package. Mercedes-Benz has one all-electric vehicle available today, with another pair expected by the end of this calendar year. Once three Mercedes-Benz electric cars are on the market, they’ll be one of the more prolific electric vehicle manufacturers.

This article will look at the three electric cars in the Mercedes-Benz lineup, including two expected to release later this year and the currently available EQS from Mercedes-EQ. First, however, we’re going to discuss some of the common advantages of all-electric vehicles.

How Electric Vehicles Help You Save Money

Electric cars help you save money because they allow you to only stop at the gas station when you want snacks. These revolutionary cars don’t use a drop of gasoline but they do have to be plugged in to recharge their electric batteries. You can do this with a standard 120-volt home outlet or with more powerful options that will charge your vehicle more quickly. DC fast charging is generally the fastest method, and that’s why most publically available chargers use this technology.

One technological advance electric cars use to help them drive efficiently is called regenerative braking. Since relatively simple battery-and-motor systems power these vehicles, there is room for innovation. Engineers have designed the motors with the capability to run backward and recharge the battery a bit. When you let off on the accelerator, many electric cars’ motors will spin in reverse, sapping your momentum and topping off the battery.

While regenerative braking is not effective enough to save you from having to recharge your battery, it does help these cars drive farther and longer than they could otherwise. Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles will save you money by letting you pass the pump.

How Electric Vehicles Help You Save Money

Mercedes-Benz Electric Cars


The new EQS from Mercedes-EQ is a stunning new vehicle that shows how luxurious and powerful electric vehicles can be. This car was not designed for the general public – it’s a luxury vehicle through and through. This vehicle has two available powertrains. The base option, the EQS 450+, is a rear-wheel drive configuration with 329 horsepower. While this is impressive, it’s outclassed by the EQS 580 4MATIC®, which gets all-wheel drive and 516 horsepower.

This Mercedes-Benz electric car has a luxury interior to match its incredible performance potential. The star of the show is its available 56-inch Hyperscreen, a futuristic new glass display that runs across the entirety of the front dash. It collects all of your infotainment and gauges in one place and makes your vehicle look like a space-faring ship in a sci-fi flick.

The new EQS can, according to the EPA, travel up to 350 miles on a single charge.1 You’ll be able to run errands all day in Atlanta, GA, without stopping for a top-off. When it is time to recharge, you’ll be able to do so quickly. The battery can jump from ten percent to entirely full in just 11 hours and change with a level 2 connection (240-volt), which you can easily have at home. With DC fast charging, you can get 70 percent of the battery back in about 35 minutes.

This vehicle is a performance beast and luxury sedan that also lets you say goodbye to the gas pump. We hope you’re excited about it and want to learn more. If so, you can compare the EQS and Tesla Model S.

Mercedes-Benz EQB

The New EQB

Later in 2022, we will get a Mercedes-Benz electric SUV, dubbed the EQB. We don’t have the full range of specs yet, but we’ll tell you everything we know about this sleek new car. The base powertrain configuration will make 225 horsepower, while the upgraded version (which we think will be all-wheel drive) gets 288 horsepower.

You’ll be able to fit up to seven people in the sleek new EQB from Mercedes-EQ and store all of their gear in the vehicle’s 23 cubic feet of space behind the last row of seating. The interior looks like something out of the future; this electric vehicle promises a revolution in performance, savings, and style.

The cabin is going to be replete with luxury features. Depending on the trim one selects, we can expect heated and ventilated seats with massaging functions, luscious leather upholstery, remote start functionality, and more. We are eagerly awaiting the release of this car later in 2022.


In the same way that the EQS is analogous to the company’s non-electric S-class vehicles, the new EQE from Mercedes-EQ is the electrified version of the E-class cars. It’s smaller than the EQS, which means that it will be able to more easily weave through traffic in Atlanta, GA, when it debuts in late 2022.

At first, the vehicle will be available with a rear-wheel drive powered by a single motor, but this version of the vehicle will be joined by a dual-motor all-wheel drive option later. The former is expected to make 288 horsepower while the latter is projected to get 402 horsepower. The new EQE will be a performance powerhouse, just like the other electric vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup.

Mercedes-Benz EQE

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1EPA estimated fuel economy. Compare the estimated mpg to the estimated mpg of other vehicles. You may get different mileage depending on how fast you drive, weather conditions and trip length. Your actual highway mileage will probably be less than the highway estimate.

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