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The 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster is the latest version of a line of grand touring cars that stretches back nearly a century. Forged in the fire of raw Grand Prix races, the original SL became the answer to the sportsperson’s desire for street-legal touring prowess. On this page, we’ll reveal all the details that the OEM allows us to. Keep your eyes on our inventory of new Roadsters for sale and read on for more about the latest masterpiece from AMG®.

The 2022 Mercedes SL Roadster. A History

Before we get to the details of the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster release date, it’s important to take a look at where she’s come from. For those of you who are just discovering the SL nameplate, you might be wondering what it stands for. Everything with Mercedes-Benz is intentional, as are their names. And while the SL designation’s meaning has been up for debate over the years, the factory finally settled on its definition as Super Leicht (Light). Why Super Leicht, you ask? As the SL’s racing heritage would dictate, all road-bound machines needed to be lighter so that they could perform as admirably as their track-destined counterparts.

Perhaps the most famous of all SL models was the first one. The 300 SL, otherwise known as the “Gullwing” Mercedes, has influenced the bloodline throughout its many revisions. For the 2022 model year, a meaningful nod is paid to the original with a superbly sculpted nose, much like the original. Long, low, and wide, the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster looks as classy (and menacing) as you could hope for.

2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster Specs & More

With the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster release date quickly approaching, it’s important to know what the marque will make available. So let’s have some fun and go over the details. At least the details that Mercedes-Benz is allowing us to share for the moment. As far as power is concerned, a pair of six-cylinder engines and a thunderous V-8 will be available. Expect forced-induction. Expect up to 800 hp. Plug-in hybrids. Rear-wheel steering. And more. Anticipate a proven nine-speed automatic transmission backing up any motor. AWD will be available as an option, as well as the latest version of the MBUX infotainment console with “Hey, Mercedes” AI.

Your 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster interior will undoubtedly become your home away from home. Lavish materials like crafted leather, hand-stitched detailing, and wood, metallic, and carbon fiber inlays will all be the name of the game. Open your cabin for all the world to see with an acoustically dampened fabric top. Take your 2+2 even further with advanced technology that has intuitive capabilities beyond your wildest imagination.

As far as the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster colors are concerned, you’ll find two never-before-seen finishes. But stay tuned for the reveal on those as Mercedes-Benz has not authorized our ability to tell you about them. Yet. Can’t wait for the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster release date? Check out our new vehicle specials and take home an S-Class that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Or at least a “temp” until you can finally bring home the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster of your dreams.

2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster Release Date FAQs

We’ve been getting tons of emails as the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster release date approaches. To help you with your research, we’ve put together the top three queries.

Is there a new Mercedes SL coming out?

You bet there is. Having taken a short break to properly redesign the model from the ground up, the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster will be in showrooms sooner than you might think.

When will the Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster be available?

Ah. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. The 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster release date is slated for the end of summer 2021, though all units will be for the 2022 model year.

How much will the Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster cost?

Considering the impressive length of the new SL Roadster’s nose, you’ll be forgiven while looking down the length of it on lesser open-aired vehicles. At the moment, we’re not able to disclose the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster price, but stay tuned as the weeks go by. We’ll be allowed to reveal more information soon. And you’ll see it here from our Mercedes-Benz dealership in Atlanta, GA.

Mercedes-Benz of Atlanta South. The Best. Or Nothing

As a proud member of the Jim Ellis Automotive family, we can’t wait to offer you our take on this world-class brand. We are known in the area for our exceptional service, and we’re thrilled to offer our customers a first look at exclusive vehicles such as the 2022 Mercedes AMG® SL Roadster. We encourage you to connect with a sales specialist ahead of time so that you can be kept informed with the latest details as we’re allowed to release them. And while we know that taking home your new SL might inspire inevitable pangs of jealousy from other drivers in your household, you might also want to consider bringing them home something special from our used-vehicle inventory. If for no other reason than to pose as a worthy distraction!

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